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Deluxe massage chair MC-918


Deluxe massage chair MC-918

This product uses the L guide, the new 2D massage machine, the whole body wrapped air bag, and the waist heating function, so that the product is more comfortable to use.

MC-918 product description


This product uses the S-shaped rail, the new 2D massage movement, the body Wrapped airbags, and waist heating function in one, so that the use of more products Comfortable.


The new four-wheel 2D massage movement

The newly developed four-wheel massage movement, kneading width of 7-20cm, kneading massage more delicate. On these basis, increase the shoulder optocoupler detection equipment Home, making the shoulder accurate and reliable detection, combined with ergonomics and research and development of the curve guide, making the back massage comfortable in place.

L-type rail design

L-rail is a combination of the body backcurve and work Principle, so that the back massage can be more accurate in place, Back massage width from 6cm to 21cm, there are threeFile can be adjusted.


Massage ball maximum protrusion height of 10cm, Close to the shoulder, from the above massage.

Maximum protrusion height of 10cm

Shoulder and waist massage range

Left and right reverse

The maximum adjustment with is 20cm

Minimum adjustment width 7cm

From the top of the neck down

Vertical direction 70cm

According to the height of different differences

The protrusion height is the shoulder measurement result


Zero gravity design

According to reduce the stress of your vertebrae to withstand the design of the starting point, and then developed to improve the body based on the support posture, this design allows you to return to the cradle as the bady's arms, and feel relaxed, the body is deeply relaxed.


Body balloon wrap massage

According to the body's body structure using the body wrapped massage, with inflatable shoulder, arm inflatable, inflatable waist, seat inflatable, calf inflatable, foot inflatable and other functions, the ball wrapped around the body more than seventy percent, soft airbag uniform Pressure makes people feel like being in the clouds.


Sole kneading message


Waist warm heat

According to the human skin temperature, constant at about 42 degrees,

to the body warm and will not burn the skin.


Wireless Bluetooch

Wireless Bluetooth stereo, people massage at the same time

enjoy the auditory feast


Touch sreen controller

LED touch screen hand control, user interface clear and easy,

readily control, health control in one hand

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