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No. 72 Fengling Road Chengnan Industrial Area Tong'an Area, Xiamen, Fujian,China.





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Xiamen Mas-Agee Electronic Company Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2009, registered capital of 37 million 234 thousand yuan. The company is located at two Xiamen Lu Feng Ling Tong'an District No. 72, the existing plant 23000 square meters, more than 300 employees, including management and technical staff of more than 50 people. In May 2017, the company introduced strategic investors Holdings (Hongkong main board listed companies, code 1190), to achieve complementary resources, the company's strength greatly improved.

Company is a national high-tech enterprise, is also the city of Xiamen, most of the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, the Xiamen Municipal Science and technology little giant leader, credit rating AA+ credit enterprises and intellectual property pilot units, in 2017 passed the Ministry of the "integration of the two standards" and "intellectual property Bureau of intellectual property qualification" certification. The company has achieved 50 patents (including patents) and the major economies of the world safety and medical equipment manufacturing system certification, product structure series differentiation, customer structure diversification, continuously improve the competitiveness of the company.

Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to luxury massage chairs and high-end foot massager R & D, manufacturing and sales. The management style of the Taiwan model and the standard quality of Japanese products have won the full recognition of the partners. With high-quality personnel to expand domestic and foreign markets, are exported to Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Serbia and other countries, and establish a stable and cooperative relationship with many famous enterprises at home and abroad.

The core management, led by Lin Xinqiang in the full vigour of life experience, complementary advantages, clear division of labor, unity and cooperation;; have a keen insight into the market and product development capabilities; keep pace with the times, can make use of various forms of learning, and constantly improve their own quality; smooth internal communication mechanism, good interpersonal relationship. Is a strong cohesion and combat effectiveness management team.